Monday, October 15, 2012

Message from your School Nurse

Dear Parents,

Please know that I am available to assist your student with any health care concerns they may face during the school year.

Communication is the key to keeping our students healthy and ready to learn. If your student has a health condition that you would like the school and their teachers to learn about, please provide me with this information or documentation. I can then easily relay information and education to their teachers. I want you to know that I take our student’s health seriously and can assist with providing a proper health care plan for your child’s condition. Please utilize me as a resource if you have any questions on where or how you can receive health care.

If you feel your child is having hearing or vision problems, please contact me as I am able to perform a quick hearing or vision screening and can lead you in the right direction as to where to obtain services for this (such as local audiologists). Also, please know that any documentation you provide or any contact I have with your student is held confidential.

Regarding medications at school:

All student medication-prescription and non prescription, including a rescue inhaler, will require a doctor’s note. Most medications will be stored in the nursing office. With the parent’s permission and with clear doctor’s instruction, students may be given medication by a school employee. Please pick up a Medication Authorization Form at your campus office or download a copy below.

It is the parent’s responsibility to provide the school with an adequate amount of medication. Medication must be delivered to the school in its original container/label. Prescription labels must include the student’s name, doctor’s name, correct medication and dosage, and clear instructions.

Students will only be allowed to carry medication if the school is provided with a doctor’s note and parent’s written consent. Again, the Medication Authorization Form is used provide this. Failure to properly follow directions or endangering self or others will result in a loss of this privilege.

I wish you and your students a healthy school year. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Kathleen Chapa, School Nurse, Ext. 4027