Monday, February 3, 2014

HW "25 Word Short Story Contest" Winners

The Hanford West English Department recently sponsored "25 Word Short Story Contest": Entries had to be 25 words exactly and the winners received a $25 prize. Congratulations to the two winners and three honorable mentions! Read their stories below:

I Forgot my Name
Luis Lepez-Orozco
1st Place
The hospital said it was a concussion. Might be permanent memory loss. Can't even remember my own name which is handy considering who I am.

by Alana Alvarez
1st Place
Boom! The glass plate was thrown across the room. A slap against his face. This night is horrible. I will always remember his crazy family.

The Last
by Breanna Calderon
Honorable Mention
The world was at its end. As the last survivor, I closed my eyes in shame. I took my last breath, and history became worthless.

Waking up to Shame
by Christian Martinez
Honorable Mention 
Deafening silence. I strain my ears, praying there might be someone else still alive. The only noise I hear are the voices in my head. --

by Katrina Dollete
Honorable Mention
She sat alone at the piano, playing the last song they played together. Pain grew with each key she pressed. The bench felt quite lonely.