Monday, August 15, 2016

HJUHSD Google Apps Training on demand for staff and students

HJUHSD is now offering Google Apps Training and Help for all staff and students.

The next time you login to your HJUHSD Google Apps account in your Chrome Browser, you will see the Google Apps Help icon at the top right of your screen.

The Google Apps Training and Help app is like a virtual tutor, providing on-demand help and guiding you through specific tasks and features right inside your HJUHSD Google Apps.

Whenever you are in an HJUHSD Google App (Mail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, Classroom, Hangouts, etc.), you can click the new Google Apps Help icon at the top right of your window and choose from a variety of context-aware, interactive, step-by-step, audio/video tutorials that open and run right inside your Google App.

You can also search for specific on-demand tutorials, set a self-paced lesson plan and even quickly and easily share lessons with other HJUHSD staff or students.

The first time you use the Google Apps Help and Training App, it may ask for permission to access your HJUHSD Google Apps account information. 

​Just click accept and you will be ready to start learning!

Try it out today!