Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Student Safety: A message from the Superintendent

Student Safety: A message from HJUHSD Superintendent William Fishbough

As tragic mass shootings continue to plague our nation in increasing numbers every year, I know many of our parents, students, staff and community members are concerned about local school safety, as well.

While we have no credible information about any current threats of violence at our schools, we always take student safety very seriously: Training for and practicing emergency response plans, partnering with local law enforcement to quickly and completely address any potential threats, and working with community health services to help students and families who need support. 

Above and beyond precautionary plans, our school communities strive to create a school environment that fosters a strong sense of safety and community. We are committed to helping our students become educated, compassionate members of society and supporting their potential to making our community and our world a better place.

Our hearts go out to all of the families involved in the recent school shooting in Florida and every other one of the 290 school shootings that have occurred in our country since 2013.

These numbers are frightening and we understand that families are rightfully concerned about even vague possibilities of such tragedies happening in our own schools or communities. 

While we urge care to not spread the unfounded rumors that always seem to follow national school gun violence news, we do support parents in talking to children about violence and encourage parents, students, staff and others to report any specific concerns about school safety to your school administration or local law enforcement.